Tasting and Cooking around the Armagnac
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Tasting of armagnac

Exactly like its production, the tasting of the Armagnac is a full art.
An Armagnac will be the friend of your senses if you give it the time to accompany you. Just as much as an apéritif, during the meal or at the end of evening, it will be the best companion of the chosen moment.

Cooking with armagnac

The Armagnac finds its place very well in the kitchen. Numerous main courses and desserts make use of Armagnac into their recipes. From fried foie gras to the savoury pie we use it to singe or concoct refined dishes like the smoked salmon in Armagnac mousse where it replaces honorably the traditional vodka. It is also very estimated in the elaboration of certain cocktails.

La Blanche

La Blanche, like all Armagnac is an AOC and can only carry this name if it meets all required conditions by the trade to fulfill the quality expectancies. La Blanche is a young Armagnac, with a minmum of 3 months of maturation in an inert container.
It is used in cocktails and it finds more and more followers who use it in culinary recipes.
It can only be elaborated in the Armagnac region, and only on identified vineyards. The selected vines are the Folle Blanche, the Ugni-blanc, the Baco and the CoLombard, used pure or in assembly. For The Blanche the popular qualities thought are a fruity taste and sharpness. During the maturation, the brandy will be worked to lower the ardour and reveal an aromatic fulness and plumpness.