The distillation of our Armagnac
Domaine du Cardinat | The distillation process

The distillation process

The harvest of the Folle Blanche is usually in early September, with Baco, Colombard and Ugni Blanc harvests coming in late September, depending of course upon the weather. The vinification at Domaine du Cardinat is carried out without oenological products. The harvested grapes are pressed to produce a wine that retains its aroma until distillation.

Domaine du Cardinat takes advantage of one of the mobile distillers who work with Armagnac producers. This distiller comes to the domain to distil the Armagnac in a special Armagnac still, using the traditional method of a single, continuous distillation process, which is what makes Armagnac stand out from other eaux de vie.