Vintage Armagnacs
Vintage armagnac 1996 silver medals

A selection of our Armagnac

The Domaine du Cardinat offers a range of Armagnac vintages, each with unique characteristics.
We also create a blend of different brandies in VSOP and XO.

A selection of our vintages

The 2000 Vintage
Our 2000 vintage is golden in colour with hints of orange, presenting a slightly woody nose and just a hint of vanilla and liquorice.
Its palate is soft and full, very refreshing and almost minty with a peppery, slightly woody finish.

The 1995 Vintage
Our 1995 vintage is amber coloured with a citrus, most notably tangerine nose.
It is round and smooth, dominated by greengage and orangey notes with a peppery finish.
There’s a very slight hint of mint in this vintage.

The 1992 Vintage
Our 1992 vintage is hued in orange with golden highlights.
On the nose it’s going towards spiced quince with a hint of raisins and dates.
This vintage boasts a long and soft palate with an underlying trace of raisins, dates and candied orange.