A selection of our Armagnacs
Vintage armagnac from 1988 Gold medal Winner of the Agricultural Brandies Competition Eauze 2011

A selection of our vintages

The 1988 Vintage
Our 1988 vintage is a dark amber colour with hints of brown.
It presents a rancio and candied orange nose.
Its palate is complex with notes of well-ripened figs, mature wood and roasted hazelnuts, followed by hint of chocolate.
This vintage is ideal for cigar smokers and Armagnac aficionados.
Gold Medal
Brandy Competition Eauze 2011

The 1983 Vintage
Our 1983 vintage is a light, golden amber colour with a nose of citrus, fresh nectarine and mint.
Its palate is round and slightly woody with an underlying freshness of white peaches.

Our blends

Our VSOP is a golden orange colour with a distinct nose of gingerbread and cinnamon.
Its palate is subtle and round with a hint of toast from the new wood, followed by a final note of vanilla.

Our XO is amber in colour with a hint of copper, giving it a shine and paving the way for a nose of stewed prunes and quince jelly.
Bold, yet elegant, our XO has aromas of blackberries and sweet spice, which is followed by a well-balanced finale.